Sunnyside Estate News

Tree map shows true variety of woodland

One of the things that sets Sunnyside Estate apart is its gorgeous green woodland setting.

It’s important to us that the unique landscape features at Sunnyside – from the formal lawns and gardens to the trees, hedges and open spaces – are safeguarded.

The estate covers 21 hectares and provides an important nature conservation and recreational resource.  Which is one of the reasons we carried out a tree survey as part of our work developing the site.

As well as an important part of documenting the site, the “tree map” makes for fascinating reading. For instance, each of the trees have been individually plotted, identified, measured and numbered.

From majestic Scots pine and Douglas fir to large oaks and magnificent sycamore, we also have some less common silver maple and weeping ash.

Around half of the trees are beech, but the tree cover was originally designed with groups of more ornamental trees closer to the historic buildings.

Notable among these are a mature Lawson cypress near the pavilion and a single mature juniper at the war memorial. Trees in front of the main hospital building – which in time is to house luxury apartments – include a single red oak, with nearby Norway maple, a rare dawn redwood and sycamore.

Despite the storms of recent years, we’ve been quite lucky and there’s been little damage but we’re actively managing the woodland and trees – as well as controlling the ever-healthy rhododendron.

We’ve removed some dead elm as well as decaying dead wood and trees which, due to poor quality and their location, presented a risk to public safety. We are replanting however and will continue to trim and keep the woodland healthy and the natural habitat thriving  because we know the significant part it plays in the unique character and setting of Sunnyside Estate.