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Timber approach underlines dedication to quality craftsmanship

Quality is built into the homes on Sunnyside Estate – and we mean that quite literally.

We control construction from start to finish, manufacturing the timber kits in our own on-site production facility so we can make sure that the quality starts from the ground up.

Sunnyside Estate is a self-funded joint venture between Pert Bruce Construction and FM Group. Our contracts director Gilbert Forrest said: “As a local construction company, Pert Bruce sees this as more than just building houses.

“We’re not a mass producer so everything is within our control, everything is sustainable and made by local people.  Our workshop is here on site and we’ve put together our own home-grown workforce – all the joiners here are employed by Pert Bruce.

“We pride ourselves on combining the finest craftsmanship with exceptional customer service.”

Timber frames

Timber framing involves constructing the structural framework of a building using wooden beams and posts, which are joined together using traditional woodworking techniques. It uses timber studs within the external structural wall to carry the loads imposed before transmitting them to the foundations. Timber frame buildings include the walls, floors and roofs, which are designed as one coherent engineered structure.

Wood is a renewable resource, and when sourced responsibly, it can be an eco-friendly building material. The UK has a well-regulated timber industry that promotes sustainable forestry practices – we source ours from local suppliers

“To provide extra peace of mind, all of our homes are backed by an NHBC warranty, and Pert Bruce are an A1 Rated member of NHBC, the UK’s leading provider of warranty and insurance for new homes,” said Gilbert.

There are other advantages to building the timber kits in the Sunnyside workshop.

“You could buy them in,” said Gilbert, “but you have less control over the whole house-building process. By making them on site, we remain in charge of delivery times and scheduling, as well as costs.

“This is one of the reasons why we’re able to commit to the delivery of such high-quality homes at Sunnyside Estate. It’s more than a development project for us, it’s building a legacy in the community.”